Day 66 of us being quarantined in our homes in hopes to stem the spread of Covid-19 and we can only hope it’ll be over soon. With all this extra time spent inside our homes, you’ve probably noticed all its nooks and crannies; you might have wished a thing or two to add or maybe loved a particular spot more than you did before.

We surveyed a hundred respondents—condo and house dwellers alike—on what details in their homes do they find new appreciation for and what they would like to have after the pandemic.

Here’s what our house dwellers would like to share:


HOUSE LIVING: What I love about it



It’s no surprise that space topped our respondent’s response as to what they love about having a house. Dedicated rooms such as home offices, or a small gym are a big plus that came with their investment. In this time of restrain, it’s definitely nice to have a space to walk around on and stretch their legs.


To our house dwellers, a garden is such a great thing to have with or without this pandemic. Aside from it being an entertaining hobby, gardening also yields enough produce you need instead of buying everything from the grocery in excess. It’s convenient, cost-effective, and earth-friendly too!


In a time where you cannot go anywhere crowded, our house dwellers appreciate having an open park within their community. It gives them as well as their pets to walk around and get their much-needed vitamin D.


Our respondents also showed renewed appreciation for their garage, backyard, and driveway. It’s a safe compromise between staying at home and going outside, we surmise.


HOUSE LIVING: What I wish I have



Yes. With the backyard, garage, balcony and the mini gardens, if we will be locked down for a long period of time, our house dwellers still crave for an extra open space and extra room. Some of our respondents wish they have extra rooms dedicated for meditation, for home gym, study room and their kid’s home schooling. If only extra space is something we can all simply order from online shops!


This pandemic made us realize that there are a lot of hats we can wear at home. Some people are becoming bakers, chefs, gardeners, and well—online sensations. A huge number of our respondents yearn for a place where they can grow their own plants—maybe because of its meditative effect as we all go through anxieties in many forms.


Last, but definitely not the least—security. This has been everybody’s priority—but this pandemic made us appreciate the extra security a gated community gives. One of our respondents wished they have considered building a gate for their house for that extra protection for their kids.


Sometime Soon

Our world today has been brewing anxiety left and right, some taking it better than others. The clamor for space is expected as it gives you that mixed sense of security and freedom.

Eventually, sometime soon, we will get past this—but until then, keep safe and make mental notes of what you’d like to have in the future. Be sure you’ll remember to add “open space” on your checklist when buying your own dwelling. You can give us a call at 0917-882 -9252 and look for Icel Dy or over at 0917-531-6310 and look for Carl Dy. Give our Facebook page a visit for updates, we might just have what you’re looking for.