It’s been three months in since a large chunk of the population has been cooped up inside their homes. And with only so much to see, it’s only natural to want things we don’t have and give a bit more appreciation on things that we do have.

We surveyed a hundred respondents—condo and house dwellers alike—on what details in their homes do they find new appreciation for and what they would like to have after the pandemic.

Here’s what our condo dwellers would like to share:

Living in Condo: What I Love About it:

  • Balcony / Garden / Open Space

Albeit not all units in a condominium has a balcony, let alone an actual garden or open space, some of our respondents that do has been more appreciative of their added space.

  • Location / Accessibility / Convenience of Delivery

Usually, when we’re working on our checklist on what house/condo to buy, location is on top of our priorities. Being close to supermarkets, not needing to commute or drive is what our condo dwellers find extra convenient now.

  • Maintenance

Cleanliness being more quintessential in this time of Covid-19, our condo dwellers find themselves extra thankful to the men and women who are assigned in cleaning and sanitizing common areas of a condominium.

  • Security

This is what they appreciate the most! Building security provides an extra level of protection as every person is screened before given access. Some building admins even impose penalties to people who don’t abide to basic protection protocol such as wearing a mask. To our condo dwellers, this is a big plus for their peace of mind during this pandemic.

Living in my Condo: What I Wish I Have:

  • Pool

Okay maybe this one falls under “what I wish I can use” because of course, most condominium buildings has a pool amenity. But now—in this pandemic, would you really have the courage to share it with the whole building?

  • Extra Room

Everybody’s locked down. You, the husband/wife, the kids. It’s likely we’ll all feel a bit claustrophobic. Most of our survey respondents wished they have extra room for a short “time-out”.

  • Balcony / Open Space / Space to plant

And the number one thing our condo dwellers wish they have (drum roll please) is SPACE! A space where you can actually feel the sun, grow your own urban garden or see the outside world with that much needed social distancing!

Notes for the Future

In times where we are all forced to stay at home, what we all crave is SPACE. A space for a little me time, a space to breathe, or even just a space to start a new hobby like gardening.

Just a few months ago, some would only see a balcony as something you don’t actually need in terms of condo living and merely an added cost on your investment—but with the overwhelming response we saw about having space, that notion proves to be untrue.

If you’re already planning your future real estate investment, you might want to add “open space” on your checklist, Spectrum might just have the perfect property for you. Made a little something you can watch too, just click here.

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